Puerto Rico Military Wreck Survey (1996): Department of the NAVY- Naval History & Heritage Command Underwater Archaeology Branch

Millard RW and Griffee JB (1996) A Preliminary Archaeological Assessment of Two Underwater Military Aircraft Wrecks in Puerto Rican Waters. Performed on Behalf of the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriquena, Consejo de Arqueologica Subacuatica de Puerto Rico


The Sea Remembers:

B-29 Superfortress Wreck "Aguadilla Bomber", Puerto Rico

A forgotten aircraft and a lost story.

This project brings together underwater sciences to tell the story of a downed Army’s Second Air Force B-29 off Puerto Rico. One of our main goals is to reconstruct the story behind this aircraft and the people who were on it using scientific methods. The aircraft wreck lays about 3 miles off the North-west coast at a depth of about 37 meters.

The story of the B-29 is a sad one, 3 of the 12 crew members aboard the B-29 died as a result of an over the water landing attempt. It was May 31st, 1945, the crew of the B-29 took off Borinquen Army Air Field on a practice bombing mission over the deep waters of the Atlantic.  Shortly after take off Pilot 2nd Lieutenant James B. Giacomo reported engine problems and turned back toward the base. Upon realizing that he would not be able to safely clear the coast line, he informed the crew that they would be ditching the aircraft over the water. The plane hit the water at about 110 mph, causing the tail section of the plane to break, the damaged plane took in water and sank, taking three crew members with it.